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General Information about Diplomas
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Diplomas will be ordered for students who graduate successfully in the term in which they apply after their degree has been conferred. Diplomas will be mailed 4 - 8 weeks after conferral providing the graduate does not have a financial hold. To ensure accuracy and avoid delays in receiving your diploma, please check the following information via your MyPortal account*:

1. Degree Works degree audit - after grades are available online, check to make sure all coursework was successfully completed and graded (nothing listed as incomplete, still in progress or nearly complete). Overall, major and minor (if applicable) GPA's are included on the degree audit for your review. You can also check to ensure your degree was conferred (awarded) by checking your unofficial transcript via your MyPortal account.

2. Check your eBill account to be sure you don't have an account balance - diplomas won't be released to graduates with an account balance or financial hold.

3. Check to make sure the diploma mailing address* you listed on your graduation application is accurately listed and is a place where you can receive mail up to 12 weeks after graduation. 

  • You can view your Diploma Mailing address by going to your MyPortal account and following this path: Academic Services (tab)→Banner Self-Service→Student→Student Records→View Application to Graduate. Changes to this address can only be made by either sending an email (must be from college-issued account) to: graduation@cofc.edu or completing a Graduation Update form.
4. Diplomas are printed with the full legal name of the student as it is on record at the College. Address any concerns you may have about how your name will be printed to graduation@cofc.edu by the date listed below to avoid delays and additional fees:
  • December 2, 2022: Fall 2022 graduates
  • April 28, 2023: Spring 2023 graduates

*Graduate School candidates should check with the Graduate School Office for details about diplomas, certificates and conferral dates. 

Requests for Special Presentations of Diplomas

Graduation at the College of Charleston is a celebration for all graduates and their families. In the past and with special consideration the College has allowed family members who are on the faculty or staff of the College to present their graduates with the "diploma" during the ceremony. While this is a special moment for both the graduate and the family, the presentation of the diploma by a family member creates difficulties during the diploma distribution which causes problems for others, most notably those immediately behind the graduate whose family member is participating.

Effective spring 2011, any College of Charleston graduate whose family member who is on the faculty or staff of the College and wants to participate in a graduate's ceremony will no longer be allowed to present the diploma to the graduate, but instead will be allowed to join the line of College representatives and faculty from the graduate's school and department at the end of the stage and will be able to shake hands with and embrace the graduate. This will provide the opportunity for the graduate and the family member to celebrate the occasion in a more meaningful way and will also allow the procession of graduates to move across the stage more smoothly.

Diplomas for Deceased Students (Posthumous Degrees)

A posthumous degree may be awarded for a deceased student upon the recommendation of the relevant dean or deans and as approved by the provost and executive vice president for Academic Affairs or the president. Please see our Policy on Posthumous Degrees